ThermaXtrim™ Slimming Fitness Pants

For an extra edge in Active Lifestyle...


Made from a special TX fabric which snugs around the body like a second skin, aiding in increased energy expenditure by marginally raising body temperature which in turn may promote calorie burning and help in slimming goals when used in conjunction with a proper diet and excercise routine. 


Spartzy ThermaXtrim Fitness Pants, Capri and Shorts are very versatile and can be worn for jogging, spinning, hiking, walking, gym or for a casual style while still benefiting from the thermogenic effect of the TX fabric. They are UV safe and durable. Some of our fans have even worn them to yoga classes due to the stretch it can withstand while providing constant warmth.


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LiftO'sense™ Shape Sculpting Leggings

No More Saggy Bottom!


Spartzy LiftO'Sense combines technology and craftsmanship. Designed to especially enhance body shape by sculpting and lifting hips and bum while providing moderate Compression and rapid Moisture Wicking benefits. It features a special grade shape enhancing material and highly specialised knitting in specific areas, allowing to retain shape, sculpt and provide a perfect silhouette.


Ready for quick action under any conditions or just wear it as a leisurewear. LiftO'Sense is bound to become your best pair of Black Leggings. The minimalist design can be carried easily from semi-formal to casual ocassions.

Adaptive Techno-Dry™

Powered by Merino™ Apparels


The demand from Yoga and HIT/HIIT requires soft, stretchy and highly breathable athletic apparels. Spartzy Adaptive Techno-Dry has been created using the power of Merino. Super fine imported Australian Merino is used to create a magnificently soft touch garment with excellent breathability, stretching strength and superb all season moisture management qualities. It is able to respond, adapt and naturally regulate micro temperature when exposed to different harsh environments. It provides warmth to your skin when temperature outside is low but wicks moisture away rapidly when the skin is sweaty and temperature is warm due to increasing body heat. 


With added anti-bacterial and anti UV function, Spartzy Merino powered apparels are created from specially developed yarns with the benenfits of Techno-Dry. As a result, without being heavy, they absorb excess sweat, feel superbly comfortable on skin and have a luxurious hand feel whether in or outside studio.

SPARTZY PRO Compresssion Tights

Hit the right Zones...

Our PRO range is ideal for explosive moves in the gym, sprinting and anywhere where there is a need for sports compression benefits for reducing muscle lactation and vibrations. PRO range is made from a very high stretch elsatane blended fabric for controlled stretch and brilliant shape retention. This combination helps to reduce muscle oscillations and aids in recovery.


With SpartzyPRO you are ready for your next move! 

GO-Luxe Athleisure Wears

Go Luxe and make a statement!

Spartzy GO-Luxe+ range is made from technical Polyamide blended with Elastane and has undergone a special Supplestretch™ treatment. This gives the apparel a very lush handfeel, enough 4 way multi-stretch with good breathability and comes inside brushed to keep you cozy, comfy and going from work - gym - home and anwhere in between. 


For some of our Luxe range, we also use a specially combed cotton, continously twisted by specific spinning action to create a very smooth, lightweight and fine fiber. The cotton yarn is further fused with wicking polyester and elastane to create an apparel with the comfort of cotton, moisture wicking benefits of polyester and enough stretch that comes from the elastane. You would be glad to know that all our cotton comes from GOTS certified sustainable sources.


GO-Luxe is a key athleisure addition to your closet!