Five Must Haves To Keep a Strong Immune System at This Time of The Year


As it gets colder, we become vulnerable to common cold and cough. This makes us sluggish and hampers our training. So, we thought to compile a list of 5 nutritional foods that will help keep immune system on guard. The list will give you that extra strength you need during the winter months.  Which one is your favourite?


As well as being very refreshing, a ripe watermelon also has plenty of a powerful antioxidant - Glutathione. This is known to help strengthen the immune system so it can fight infection. Glutathione is found in the red pulpy flesh near the rind. Be sure to add this to your shopping list.


Cabbage is another source of glutathione which studies suggest helps maintain the body’s immune system. In the winter months cabbages are inexpensive and very easy to find and can be added to any variety of foods. Have any particular recipes you think are great and healthy? Feel free to send us and we may feature it in this section. 


Studies in a lab have shown extracts of these dark berries appears to block flu viruses. A few small studies involving people have also shown that it may actually go to help you recover more quickly from flu (fingers crossed you haven’t caught it quite yet).


Another great food to boost your immune system is almonds. At this point we have to confess we have gone slightly “nuts” on almonds and have bought a number of bags. A 60 gram serving carries nearly 50% of the daily recommended amount of vitamin E and they are so easy to carry and eat whenever you feel morish. Chop and garnish your desserts, make a paste and add them to your milk or just munch on them. Anyone have any tips on how we can make it interesting to eat? Do send us your creative foodology.

and....lastly our favourite 


Both green and black tea are loaded with polyphenols and flavonoids. Studies have shown that these antioxidants seek out cell-damaging free radicals and destroy them. Caffeinated and decaf work equally well. At this time of year an immune system boosting tea also serves as a great excuse to get 5 minutes off work, move and be active : )

Why not add some stratwberries, lemongrass, cloves, cinnamon and pear or peach to infuse your tea with the added boost of fruits and spices.

Good to Know:

Some of the best ways to banish the winter blues is to go outdoor and get natural daylight, excercise and sleep well. More details can be found here.