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3 New 2018 Workout Trends To Try This Summer

Fitness and Active living is no stranger to new emerging trends in 2018. From Combat Workouts to Digital Lifestyles, the new trends make workout and fitness more accessible and fun. Here are the top three picks from Spartzy Activewear.

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One Pot Paleo Meal – Mexican Citrus Chicken

This slow cooked One Pot Paleo meal with Mexican spices and a touch of citrus is ideal for the lazy weekend but a flavoursome family meal. It can also be cooked beforehand to take with you as lunch in office.

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Slow Cooked Moroccan Veg. Casserole

Celebrate National Vegetarian week with this delicious and nutritious One pot Veggie Casserole inspired by Moroccan Tagine style cooking and spices.

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Marinated chicken with quinoa green salad

Chicken and salad may sound like a fairly basic recipe, but such familiarity also provides comfort – there are few dishes more warming and wholesome than this marinated chicken with quinoa green salad.

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Sweat is Good

Sweating. It feels sticky, hot, and uncomfortable. It’s possibly the part of a good exercise regime that many of us may not like as much as we ought to. Can you image when you are huffing puffing after a good run or a rigorous studio session and the tiny droplet of sweat, smacks your lips. …

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Creamy Dreamy Mushroom Soup

What is more delicious than a spiced up mushroom soup for winter warming! It makes a big difference if you use packs of mixed mushrooms to give more flavour, and coupled with delicious chopped leeks, you have a really tasty soup.

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